The Church of St Julitta Lanteglos:

St Julitta's is a Grade I Listed medieval Cornish church in the Parish of Lanteglos by Camelford. Parts of the building date back to Norman times and there are a number of important heritage features such as 15th century glass; rare use of an ancient symbol and a National Scheduled Monument in the churchyard.

The church is wonderfully situated in a peaceful valley with a stream running through the churchyard. The historic landscape includes the nearby iron age fort of Castle Goff and an iron age settlement. Next to the church was a 13th century Royal deer park and a short way upstream on the edge of the River Allen is St Julitta’s Holy Well that flows past the church. The position of the church a mile outside the local town of Camelford is an accident of history in that the center of power was based in nearby Helstone when the church was built and the whole area belonged to the Earls of Cornwall dating back to the early 11th century.

St Julitta’s church gives an impression of timelessness - a focus of Christian worship over centuries up to the present time with our regular services. The church is unusually light inside with large areas of clear glass. From outside, the windows allow one, unusually, to look right through the church nave and aisle from east to west as well as through the tower. People comment in the visitors book about how beautiful, friendly and ‘spiritual’ the church feels.