Tombchest Problems

Outside the church there are 14 tombchests one of which has collapsed. All together there are 14 Grade II listed tombchests in the churchyard. Several quotes have been requested but the process of restoration is complex. However, the plan is to at least get the collapsed tomb restored. It is actually a double tombchest. From the inscriptions would seem that the tombs commemorate 4 young children of William and Arminel Inch who died in 1755, 1759, 1763 and also 1763. The father, William, died in 1766. 

One of the ledger stones has a rather morbid and fatalistic memorial poem that probably reflect the times when death was a much more an integral part of life than it is now.

'Death with his dart did pierce my heart when I was in my prime. Farewell unto this wicked world 'twas.God's appointed time'